Terminal 5 Heathrow

LocationHeathrow Airport
Type of WorkGlazed ventilation towers and video screens

Our Brief from Nokia

What We Did For Terminal 5 Heathrow

We designed and created four large scale services cubes; stylish centre pieces that doubled as video screen advertising spaces for Nokia in the main hall of Terminal 5. We needed to devise a method for this client to promote their products in a visually interesting way.
Our solution for Nokia

The Challenges We Faced and How We Overcame Them

The biggest challenges we faced with this project were logistics and ensuring that we stuck to product compliance. We needed to create something that caught the eye and drew interest, while still ensuring that the equipment housed within the cubes received natural ventilation. This was achieved through the use of coloured glass fins positioned at right-angles to the elevations and at the right frequency to create a single mass of colour. The project also required a short design to installation programme, so it was necessary for us to work on a tight turn around.
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