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If you’re looking to replace the double glazed sealed units in your home, then contact Halifax Glass to discuss the range we have available.
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A sealed glass unit, or double glazing as you might be more familiar with, is a common feature of most UK homes. A sealed glass unit is created by sealing at least two pieces of glass together with a spacer bar and perimeter sealant, as opposed to single glazing which features one pane of glass. As we manufacture our sealed glass units in house, we can make them to your exact specifications.

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Made in the United Kingdom
We are proud to make our own double glazed units in Halifax, Yorkshire. 
Amazing Versatility
Any size unit, any width and a wide range of glass. Tell us what you need and we can help. 
Exceptional Quality
Making our own units helps us guarantee the exceptionally high quality we produce day in and day out.
sealed glass units installed in living space
sealed glass units being installed

Argon Gas Sealed Glass Units

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As an alternative to the traditional sealed glass unit, many customers opt for argon gas filled sealed units instead as argon gas doesn’t distribute heat in the same way that air does. As argon is inert, it doesn’t allow heat to pass through. This makes these windows a better choice when shopping for glazing products.

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We can make any size unit, with a range of different glass, including laminated and toughened glass! Talk to us. We can find your perfect solution.
Sealing a double glazed unit
Spacer Bars for Sealed Glass Units
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