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Do you need glass panelling cut to size? Get your internal and external glass panels from the expert manufacturers at Halifax Glass.

Glass panels are suitable for a range of uses, from splashbacks to table tops, shower screens to wipe boards, so purchase yours from our glass store today.

Glass Panels

Decorative Glass Panels

Glass panels need not just be clear glass. At Halifax Glass we offer the choice of back painted glass panels to upgrade your decor. We carry out all our back painting in-house, meaning that you can have your glass painted within 10 working days. Decorative glass panels will give you an easy to maintain, durable finish for your walls that, unlike paint and wallpaper, doesn't fade.

Looking for back painted glass panels?

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State of the art spray booth
We have built our own spray booth to ensure the best possible finish.
An amazing range of colour options
Not only can we spray paint any RAL or Pantone colour, we can also match items!
Why not add graphics
Art, photos or logos - we can add of these to your decorate panels.

Glass Panels for Splashbacks

Having a glass splashback is an easy way to keep the area behind your stove clean. Whether you're after clear glass to show off the paint or wallpaper beneath, or a back painted splashback to upgrade the design of your home décor, we can turn around your made to measure glass splashbacks within 10 working days.

Do you need glass panels for splashbacks?

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A smart and contemporary way to update your kitchen or bathroom!

Make it a statement piece
Heat resistant and safe
Non-porous and hard wearing
Look good and last a long time
Whether you want something simple and elegant or completely unique, we can achieve it. Ask us today, we are looking forward to hearing from you.
Back Painted Kitchen Splashback
Black toughened glass kitchen splashback
Glass splashback panel behind bathtub

Glass Panels for Balustrades

For a home or a business, a glass panel balustrade is a great addition to any staircase. We use glass panels cut to size to create a sleek, modern alternative to the traditional wooden bannister on your stairs. Alternatively, glass panel balustrades can be used for balconies and fencing, letting plenty of light into your outdoor living spaces.

Want to discover more about glass panels for Balustrades?

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Create the illusion of more space
Don't block out light
Modern and elegant
Safe and secure
Glass balustrades are beautifully stylish, safe and incredibly low maintenance. They perfectly compliment so many other materals. An easy choice!
Glass Panelled Balustrade
Balustrade with Glass Panels
Glazed Balustrade

Glass Panels for Shower Doors

Glass panels for shower doors can be made to meet the requirements of your individual bathroom designs. We'll supply both the toughened glass for your shower unit and all the fixtures and fittings to go with it.

Looking for glass shower screens?

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A vast amount of design options
Enlarges your space
Customizable to your size and design needs
Can be made more private
Clear, sandblasted, spray painted, frameless or with your own graphic design added. Dont feel limited on your shower door, there are so many options.
Glass Panelled Shower Door
Frosted Glass Panels for Shower Doors
Glass Panelled Shower Doors

Glass Wipe Boards

Glass panels are also ideal for glass wipe boards in your office. They're an ideal high quality and affordable alternative to traditional dry wipe boards. Whether you're looking for a large-scale installation fitting to your wall, or glass panel wipe boards for personal use made from smaller glass panels for note taking at your desk.

Want to learn more about glass panels for wipe boards?

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Can be painted any RAL colour
Sleek and modern
Ask us about different fixings
Can be magnetic for a wider range of functionality
Wipe boards can be made so personal! Any RAL colour, any size, with your own graphics and even magnetic. Make it your own.
Frosted Glass Wipe Board
Coloured Glass Wipe Board
Glass Wipe Boards for Offices

Our Glass Panels Effects

Regardless of the type of glass panelling you choose, all can be created with our wide range of perimeter finishes, including polished edges and bevelled edges. For example, if you decide that you want a glass privacy panel, we can work with you to design the perfect option to suit your needs.

Cross Reeded Patterned Glass - No official privacy rating

Cross Reeded - No Official Privacy Level

Rivuletta Patterned Glass - No official privacy rating

Rivuletta - No Official Privacy Rating

Georgian Wired Polished Plate Glass - No Privacy Level

Georgian Wired Polished Plate - No Privacy Level

Flemish Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 1

Flemish - Privacy Level 1

Warwick Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 1

Warwick - Privacy Level 1

Chantilly Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 2

Chantilly - Privacy Level 2

Minster Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 2

Minster - Privacy Level 2

Reeded Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 2

Reeded - Privacy Level 2

Sycamore Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 2

Sycamore - Privacy Level 2

Autumn Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 3

Autumn - Privacy Level 3

Digital Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 3

Digital - Privacy Level 3

Taffeta Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 3

Taffeta - Privacy Level 3

Charcoal Sticks Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 4

Charcoal Sticks - Privacy Level 4

Contora Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 4

Contora - Privacy Level 4

Florielle Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 4

Florielle - Privacy Level 4

Mayflower Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 4

Mayflower - Privacy Level 4

Oak Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 4

Oak - Privacy Level 4

Pelerine Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 4

Pelerine - Privacy Level 4

Artic Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 5

Artic - Privacy Level 5

Cotswold Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 5

Cotswold - Privacy Level 5

Everglade Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 5

Everglade - Privacy Level 5

Georgian Wired Cast Glass - Privacy Level 5

Georgian Wired Cast - Privacy Level 5

Sandblasted Glass Panels - Privacy Level 5

Sandblasted - Privacy Level 5

Stippolyte Patterned Glass - Privacy Level 5

Stippolyte - Privacy Level 5

Glass Panels FAQs

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Do you need toughened glass, tempered glass, or laminated glass panels? For more information on our supply of Glass Panels and glass cutting services, get in contact with us today, and we'll be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Our expert team of glaziers offer a complete service to our customers, from design to manufacture, delivery to installation.

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