Glass Furniture

If you’re looking for glass furniture, glass display cabinets, or glass table tops, Halifax Glass provides a bespoke service.
Glass Furniture

Glass Furniture

Glass furniture is the ideal way to introduce a modern touch to your interior design. We can create all types of furniture for your home, office, or business, whether you're looking for a glass dining table and chairs or glass display cabinets and console tables.

Our team are the experts in crafting high quality furniture to your bespoke design requirements. We’ll work with you from start to finish to provide you with fantastic furnishings to upgrade your interiors.

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Experienced and trained staff
With 42 years of experience in the glass industry, we have the product knowledge and skills that are just what our clients are looking for.
A family owned business
We are proud to be small enough to care, and still large enough to cope. We can help with all projects whatever the size!
Endless choices
We stock a large range of glass and mirror and we have the expertise and machinery to produce a wide range of finishes. All your glass needs met in one place. 

Our range of Glass Furniture

UV Bonded Glass

Our glass furniture is created by joining pieces of toughened glass with UV Bonding adhesive. UV Bonding ensures that there is a virtually invisible joint between the two pieces of glass. However, it can also be used to bond glass to metal or wood. UV light is used to set the adhesive, and this method creates a join that is even stronger than the toughened glass itself, eliminating the need for screwing the pieces in place.

UV Bonding is the best way to create seamless glass furniture that will give you a sleek and professional finish.

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Bespoke, beautiful furniture made to your design

Contemporary and stylish
Made on a fast turnaround
Made in Yorkshire
Delivery throughout the UK
UV Bonded glass is perfect for display cabinets, counter screens and shelving. We can even add LED lights!
Round Table - UV Bonded Glass
UV Bonded Display Cabinet
UV Bonded Glass Wine Wall

Glass Tops for Furniture

Glass furniture toppers aren't just a stylish addition to your existing surfaces, but it can serve as an easy clean protector for your wooden furniture. For example, if you have a hardwood table that you want to protect, then contact us about creating a bespoke glass table top to fit your table's dimensions perfectly.

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A wide range of glass types available
Made to the highest standard
Any size, any shape is possible
Reliable and fast delivery
Let us help cover and protect your furniture, make it last for years to come with glass furniture toppers!
Glass Topped Table
Decorative Furniture Glass Panels
Glass Bar Top

Glass Display Cabinets

With the use of hinges and other mechanical fittings, we can also create a wide range of glass display cabinets for your home or business. For example, we can manufacture a six-sided glass box with a hinged door, and these can even be built up to create a display unit. Whatever your display cabinet needs, we can work with you to create a bespoke design.

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Show off your treasures in glass display cabinets!

Glass products made by experts
Made to fit any space
Fully CNC controlled manufacturing facilities
Family run business
Our clients are at the heart of our work, contact us and one person will look after your order from start to finish
Glass Display Cabinet
Glass Display Cabinet - Lock
Bronte glass display cabinet

Our Glass Furniture Effects

Regardless of the type of glass you choose, all can be created with our wide range of perimeter finishes, including polished edges and bevelled edges. For example, if you decide that you want an antique bevelled mirror or CNC-cut rounded corners, we can work with you to design the perfect option to suit your needs.

Bevelled Mirror Glass Edge for Furniture

Bevelled Mirror

Drilled hole in mirror glass

Drilled Hole in Mirror

Countersunk Drilled Hole in Glass

Countersunk Drilled Hole

Ground Finger Pull in Glass Panel

Ground Finger Pull

Straight Line Polished Edge Glass

Straight Line Polished Edges

CNC Straight Line Polished Glass Panel

CNC Straight Line Polished

CNC Radius Corner Cut GlassPanel

CNC Radius Cut Corner

CNC Corner Cut-Out Glass Panel

CNC Corner Cut-Out

CNC Internal Cut-Out Glass Panel

CNC Internal Cut-Out

Glass Furniture FAQs

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For more information on our Glass Furniture manufacture and UV glass bonding services, get in contact with us today, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have.
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