Commercial Window Replacement

Halifax Glass can attend to all of your commercial reglazing needs, from shop front glass replacement to a full design upgrade.
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Shop Front Glass Replacement

When commercial glass is broken, you will need to have this replaced to resecure your premises. If you have had a window broken, contact us for a quote. Using your rough sizes and photos, we can often provide you with a quotation straight away. A qualified surveyor will then arrange to call and check all of the sizing details.

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Our fleet of vans enables us to deliver your glass UK-wide

Solar Efficiency Reglazing

Regardless of the size of your commercial property, we can provide an upgrade to your windows. By upgrading the specifications of your windows, you’ll be able to achieve more appropriate solar control to reflect out warming climate. More solar efficient glass will help you to keep the worst of the sun’s heat out of the property, as well as increasing security and ventilation.

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Commercial Glazing Replacement for Condensation

A commercial doubled glazed unit is said to have failed when moisture is evident through the panes. This is due to the perimeter seal breaking down, eventually leading to the desiccant within the spacer bar being unable to absorb any further moisture. When this happens, by far the best remedy is to replace the sealed unit.

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Commercial Reglazing FAQs