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Safety Glass

Laminated Safety Glass

If you’re after glass products that are both stronger and safer than normal glass, consider using laminated safety glass as an alternative. Laminated safety glass is created by bonding two pieces of glass with a sheet of plastic in between. This laminating process means that should the glass break, it is likely that the plastic will hold the shards in place. Most UK shopfronts are made from laminated safety glass and the inability to see the sheet of plastic between the two panes makes it the perfect choice for this.

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Enhanced Security
The interlayers are more resistant to impact compared to other glass and stop it from shattering apart. 
Enhanced sound reduction
There are three layers in laminated glass. The extra layer helps reflect and reduce noise compared to a double or single glazing. 
Great thermal insulation properties
The hollow layers in laminated glass act as insulation, helping to minimize heat or cold transfer and helping to improve energy efficiency
UV Reduction
Blocks more UV rays than regular glass!

Toughened Safety Glass

Toughened safety glass, also known as tempered glass, is another popular product for customers looking to buy safety glass. This method of creating your safety glass involves unequally heating the glass during manufacture. It is this heating and cooling treatment that delivers the strength to the safety glass. If you choose the toughened safety glass option, then consult with us for your bespoke design.

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Toughened glass is both strong and versatile

Can be Frosted!
Safe and resilient
Five times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness!
Toughened glass is a great choice as high compressive surface stresses make it more durable and less prone to breakage.
Toughened safety glass counters
Toughened Glass at a Counter
Toughened safety glass at counter

Fire Rated Safety Glass

If you’re looking for a safety glass for either your interiors or exteriors, then we can provide you with the ultimate protection that meets building codes. Our fire rated safety glass helps to prevent the spread of flame, as well as the passage of heat. Because of this, our fire rated safety glass is most commonly used for screens and doors in commercial and residential buildings. Many building regulations require the installation of fire rated glass as in the event of an emergency it helps the occupants of a building to escape safely and helps to prevent the fire spreading from one building to another.

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Keeps fire damage to a minimum and keeps you safer.
Has great acoustic properties.
Can be made with a range of decorative patterns.
Prevents harmful smoke from passing from room to room.
Glass designed to be more resistant to heat than other glass types of glass.
Glass Fire Doors
Toughened Glass Door for Fire Protection
Glass fire doors

Bullet Resistant Safety Glass

While toughened safety glass has a large number of uses, there are some environments that need an extra level of security. For locations such as banks, you might want to opt for bullet resistant safety glass instead. Bullet resistant glass absorbs the impact of a bullet, and with a polycarbonate backing, this helps to minimise the damage that can be done by the glass itself once the bullet has been absorbed by it. As polycarbonate scratches easily, it’s important that you take care of your glass to keep it in good condition.

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Better protection, same clarity!

Improved protection level
One of the strongest glass types worldwide
High visibility
Looks like ordinary glass
The bullet resistant glass is a multi-purpose protective glass for structures that need an additional level of security.
Bullet Resistant Glass
Bullet Resistant Glass on Bank Counter
Bank Counter with Bullet Resistant Glass

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