Project: Night Club


Client: Iniquity Dens
Location: Leeds City Centre
Type of work: Nightclub design & fit


To create an exclusive, sophisticated evening destination venue in a basement bard/club environment with the design based on the extensive use of glass throughout. Our design consultant, Neil Oddy, was given a full design brief.


Areas of the bar/club were able to be opened up or closed down to suit the lateness of the hour or the style of that particular evenings event. A dance floor area was positioned behind a sliding glass screen that had been designed for use as a huge back projection wall when the dance floor wasn’t in action. Intimate seating area and a VIP lounge were also created adorned with large aquariums and bespoke glass ceiling lighting. Communal washrooms had a central stacked glass wall featuring a full height waterfall with glass hand wash basis emerging from the wall of water. This project won local design awards and was shortlisted for a national and international design award.